Plain & Printed Polythene Bags

UK Polythene Bag Manufacturer

As manufacturers we supply a comprehensive range of bags from 50mm wide and up to 2030mm wide and much wider in the case of ‘gusseted’ bags. The bags which we produce can of course be to your precise specification whether they be Printed or Plain, Coloured or Self Adhesive Flap Bags as in the case of our Mailing Sacks. With Co-Polymer films such as Medium and Mixed Density films we can produce bags and films which have the benefit of additional strength and the safe option to reduce the material Gauge / thickness in most cases. This in turn can reduce your costs.

We offer bags suitable for all Trades and Industries – Horticultural, Chemical, Aerospace, Nuclear Fuel, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Textile, Motor, Food, Agricultural, Rubber, Building, Retail, Electronics, Local Authorities, Schools, Hospitals etc.

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